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The Whole Counsel of GodIn Process
The full scope of biblical doctrine as integrated in the pattern of apostolic gospel proclamation.

Guarding and RefiningDownload
A single study covering the doctrine of the person of Christ in church history.

Knowing the Christ You Follow: Son of ManDownload
This series of studies in process continues to look at how the truth of who Jesus is shapes Christians’ relationship with God. The focus is on the humanity of Christ – the divine Son of God become man.

Knowing the Christ You Follow: Son of GodDownload
A series of studies that looks at Christians’ relationship with Jesus as based on who he is in himself. The emphasis is not only on learning the facts about Jesus but on the way the truth was revealed and how Christians are to grasp this truth and enter into the reality of it. These six studies focus on the deity of Christ.

Follow Me: A Walking Relationship with JesusDownload
A series of seventeen Bible studies with questions exploring the biblical foundations for true discipleship. They set forth the New Testament view that the relationship Christians have with Jesus by faith is that of discipleship. The studies show how the gospel orients us as Christians to a life walk with Jesus and how we receive the resources and direction to carry it out.

Making DisciplesDownload
A series of seven studies that develop a biblical model and open up biblical material and insights for making disciples. The studies are designed to enable us to understand the process of discipleship as set up by the Lord and to equip us to disciple others with a mature understanding of a spiritual work.

Ministry in the ChurchDownload
A series of nine studies that take up biblical passages and themes regarding ministry in the church. Areas dealt with include the overall process of ministry, the call to ministry, and models and strategies for ministering.

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