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Beginning with God the creator
Creator - that's what it means for God to be our God. We must begin by relating to him as the creator.

The Bible says God has given all people the basic knowledge of him as creator. The universe God made impresses on our minds the sense of an awesome and intelligent creation (Romans 1.19-20). Also, the human mind understands everything in the world as intelligently made and put together, and through this we see the universe as created by God.

All people everywhere, regardless of their chosen beliefs, grasp the basic concept of God as the creator. God is invisible and unlike anything we see; yet when we talk to people about the creator (no matter where they are or what their beliefs might be) they know immediately what we are talking about. This is an eloquent witness to the truth that the Bible asserts-through creation all are given the basic knowledge of God.

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We must start with God

We do not arrive at the knowledge of God by a proof or argument. Rather, as the Bible says, our minds can see the reality of the eternal power of God and what it means for God to be God through creation. We can ignore or suppress this awareness of the creator, but then we are left with the futile exercise of speculating about what to make of life and the world. The light of God is turned off in our hearts and we are left to feel our way around in the dark (Romans 1.18-21).

God has made us with a deep need for the truth of the creator, whether we acknowledge it or not. In this way, he has given each one the starting point for faith in him.

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