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Encountering God

People everywhere show an awareness of God, and even a need for him. All over the world people call upon a higher being everyday, either by praying or by invoking the name of God in cursing. In the face of injustice or disaster people ask, “Where is God?” Some eagerly seek to know God and live by that knowledge. Many more simply want a formal relationship with him to give their life the guarantee that all is well. Still others devote much of their inner strength to convincing themselves that God does not exist or is not to be bothered with. Yet, these same people still use God (in this case their refusal to believe in him) to define who they are. What is more, they end up looking to other things to fill the place of God in their lives.

In all these ways we as human beings show our instinctive sense of God. The problem is, though, that the human race as a whole has no clear understanding of God. Just consider all the contradictory ideas about God that we have come up with! So, what can we do?


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