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In a remarkably bold way Jesus called people to relate to God by relating to Him. They did this by becoming his followers or disciples. All they could learn of God was to be revealed in him. All that they needed from God was to be found in him.

How could Jesus call people to relate to God by simply relating to himself? He could because Jesus is the divine Son of God. Matthew makes this clear by introducing Jesus as the LORD (that is “Jehovah” or “Yahweh,” the personal name for God in the Old Testament) who is about to come (Matt. 3:3). John the Baptist announces Jesus as the coming Greater One who will baptize not with a physical element such as water, but with a divine reality—the Holy Spirit (3:11). The superior nature of Jesus is seen in that only a divine person can handle the divine Spirit. As John’s ministry comes to a close, Jesus steps forward to fulfill the role of the LORD, carrying out all it means for God to be God in the world.

The first thing Jesus did was to preach the gospel and make disciples (Matt. 4:17-22). His mission was to bring people into a relationship with God, and this relationship was one of discipleship. After he had risen from the dead and just before he ascended into heaven he commanded his disciples to go to all the nations and do the same (Matt. 28:18-20). He promised he would be with them in this mission. To this day and to the end of the age, the risen Lord is active in the church making disciples. Through the spread of the gospel—the good news about him—he still says, “Follow me!”

From, Follow Me: A Walking Relationship with Jesus by George Tabert and Andre van Ameyde

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